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We help purpose-driven companies & organizations grow their influence and sales using paid ads & social media marketing.

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Digital Marketing & Advertising Services

With over 100 million ad impressions served, $2 million in advertising dollars spent, and over $18 million in revenue generated, our proven digital marketing & advertising frameworks have helped hundreds of business owners thrive.

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At Kenol Marketing, our mission is to create economic opportunity for diverse founders and the communities they serve. We believe greater reach for our founders & their businesses, leads to greater impact and positive changes in our communities and in the world. 


Our core strength lies in helping purpose-driven companies & organizations grow their revenue using powerful, high-converting paid ads, and social media marketing. With over 12+ years in the digital marketing and advertising game, we have what it takes to take your marketing and sales to the next level. If you’re ready to scale your business, and grow your sales + impact using ads, then we might be the right team for you. 

We provide custom service packages based on our client’s business goals that deliver result. Contact us at or book a free strategy call with us to learn more. 

Our Proven Process

1. digital roadmap Plan

We collaborate with you to create a custom digital marketing roadmap plan - tailored to your business needs and technology infrastructure - that connects with your ideal audience, moves them to a purchase, and turns them into loyal customers. Our plan includes short-term and long-term tactics to increase your business profitability.

2. campaign design & launch

We build high-converting brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion campaigns that will increase your brand visibility, brand equity, customers and sales. We use our proven KM Process that turns strangers into loyal customers.

3. analytics & Optimization

We use advanced analytics to optimize your campaigns and improve your marketing efficiency. We are experts at web analytics, marketing analytics, and online to offline sales attribution - giving you insights into what strategies work best for your business.

What Clients Say About Us...

"I had just started working on a big project with a new client and I wanted to make sure I could provide them the best possible service. Our consulting sessions were great! I felt very confident in her expertise and that I was taking good care of my client. With her help, my client's accounts were performing so well that we were having trouble spending all the money! We were getting great results way under budget. Yes for sure. And I'll be looking forward to working with Kenol Marketing again in the future!"
"As a freelance photographer I was looking to increase my bookings. Natacha helped me implement a social media strategy and in a matter of weeks, I was fully booked. Overall, I was really impressed with her knowledge and my results. I would definitely recommend Kenol Marketing."

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