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The Kenol Marketing team is ready to help you grow your business and sales using high-converting ads and digital strategy.


We work with a limited number of clients, so click below to apply to work with us before this month’s application deadline closes. 

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Let's Face It... You Need A System To Generate Consistent Leads & Customers

As a small business owner or startup founder, you need to consistently generate leads and sales, while maintaining a positive return on investment. You know that ads could bring you another stream of recurring customers and revenue, but maybe you’re not sure where to start.

Growing Your Sales With Ads

Navigating the world of advertising can be daunting if you’re not familiar with the digital advertising landscape.

Maybe you’ve tried ads before, spent a lot of money, and have nothing to show for it. Or maybe:

We hear you! 

Case Studies

Our founder, Natacha, has worked with some of the largest advertisers such as PepsiCo, The Breakers Palm Beach, Big O Tires, Anheuser-Busch, and Marriott, to name a few, helping them generate consistent leads, customers, and revenue. Natacha has personally managed over $2 million in advertising budget and generated over $18 million in sales from Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads (that’s right we do ALL the big player ad platforms). Not to mention, she successfully scaled and managed a digital marketing & analytics strategy for a multi-million dollar national franchise brand. 

Our team has 13+ years of combined experience in digital marketing & advertising to help you grow. We can help you scale your small business or startup using ads and advanced digital strategies based on data. We use the latest marketing tech stack to optimize your campaigns, so that you get the best return on advertising spend. Check out Natacha’s work and some of our most recent projects below.  

National Retailer

Goal: Increase new customer acquisition, increase the number of booked appointments online, and increase sales. 


-Natacha managed $2 million in advertising spend in one year and generated over $18 million in retail sales using Google, Facebook/Instagram ads.

  • -Natacha generated a 785% average return on advertising spend, more than triple the average industry standard.

How She Did It:
I ran highly targeted and optimized Google ads and Facebook ad campaigns. To start, I restructured all of the existing Google Ad campaigns including the campaign structure, ad group structure, and keyword structure. This enabled me to generate more conversions at a much more efficient rate. I used expanded text ads, sitelinks, ad extensions, and frequently optimized keyword bids. Our Facebook brand awareness & engagement campaigns assisted us in getting more online appointments as well. 


Menalik Archer, Real Estate Investor and Coach, Founder, Archer Investments

Goal: Increase new client sales. 


  • -We helped Menalik get booked out with over 10 new coaching clients in 3 months, generating over $10,000 in sales.
  • How We Did It: 
    We ran a highly targeted Facebook ads campaign. We leveraged Menalik’s personal brand and business brand, Archer Investments LLC, to create custom audiences that resulted in highly qualified leads and customers. 

Online Yoga & Fitness Coach

Goal: Increase digital program sales.


  • -We generated 571 new email subscribers in less than 1 month.
  • -We generated over $5,000 in sales in one month.

How We Did It:
We ran native lead generation Facebook campaigns using a free lead magnet followed by an engaging email sequence that nurtured leads through the sales process. We were able to get leads under $2 by using targeted and relevant interest audiences. In addition, we updated the creative assets and ad copy frequently to keep the offer relevant.

Make Sales on Autopilot

Our Premium Facebook Advertising Solution is designed for founders who want to partner with a trusted marketing team and create a system to take their sales and revenue to the next level using ads. We’ll work with you to devise a strategy that will increase your leads and sales at an efficient cost-per-acquisition so all you have to worry about is your business bank account growing!

Our Premium Facebook Advertising Solution Is Designed To Turn Your Ads Into Profit



Krystal Beachum, Founder, VC, Entrepreneur, Student Athlete Coach

“Before we met, I was honestly frustrated. I was not able to connect my pixel to my website. I was unsure why my ads weren’t converting as I believed they should be. I wanted clarity to see if I was on the right track. Even though I already had a few ads running, we were able to create different audiences that I did not even think about. If there were a scale from 1-10, I would give Natacha a 100. That is how helpful she was. She is such a great communicator in this complex space. I would recommend her to anyone over and over again. Make sure you take advantage of her prices right now because it is definitely worth the money and more.” 


Doran Seiler, We Are One Fitness

“Things were steady before we met. We were prepared to take our organization to the next level. Focusing on more of a stronger social media presence. 

Our experience with Kenol Marketing has been a positive one. We had to shift our strategy and game plan due to Covid, but we are truly grateful for all the hard work that Natacha has done for us. She went above and beyond for us multiple times and it’s greatly appreciated. 

With the ads that we ran, we were seeing positive results and strategizing ways to improve upon those results. We would definitely recommend Kenol Marketing’s services for those looking to grow their business. Their dedication and professionalism will be sure to take your brand/business to the next level.”


Kendrick Pullen, Co-Founder, LifeTagger

“For the last two years, as a company we had been searching for a digital marketing strategist/consultant that could quickly dive in and audit our current online persona, give us data driven feedback on what’s working, not working, and help us chart a path forward.  WE GOT EXACTLY THAT with Natacha and her team at Kenol Marketing.  

If you are ready to look “under the hood” and really understand your company’s digital footprint, I strongly recommend Natacha and Kenol Marketing.”

Ande Lyons, Startup Champion, Live Stream Host of Startup Life with Ande Lyons, Founder & Co-Host Boston Pitch Event

“As a solopreneur, I need marketing support that has an immediate impact on my business. I need talented people who take the task at hand and run with it, creating the best possible outcome, thereby freeing me up to focus on meeting my clients’ needs.

I signed up for Kenol Marketing’s services to help me identify the holes in my online marketing strategy. 

As a result, I was able to quickly implement the strategies and tactics into my marketing plan, and I’m already seeing 20% more leads flowing into my sales funnel. In addition, I’m about to confidently embark on my first Facebook advertising campaign.

Stop wasting money and valuable time trying to figure out online digital marketing on your own. I highly recommend hiring Kenol Marketing to help you grow your business.”


Nicole Sawk, President of Ventus Design Studio

“”I had just started working on a big project with a new client and I wanted to make sure I could provide them the best possible service. Our consulting sessions were great! I felt very confident in her expertise and that I was taking good care of my client. With her help, my client’s accounts were performing so well that we were having trouble spending all the money! We were getting great results way under budget. Yes for sure. And I’ll be looking forward to working with Kenol Marketing again in the future!”

Our Proven Process

After working with our clients and generating over 400% to 700% return on advertising spend, we’ve developed a proven process that brings massive results:

1. digital STRATEGY & roadmap Plan

We collaborate with you to create a custom digital marketing roadmap plan - tailored to your business needs and technology infrastructure - that connects with your ideal audience, moves them to a purchase, and turns them into loyal customers.

2. campaign design & launch

We build high-converting brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion campaigns that will increase your brand visibility, brand equity, clients, and sales. We use our proven KM Process that turns strangers into loyal customers.

3. analytics & Optimization

We use advanced analytics and martech (marketing technology) to optimize your campaigns and improve your marketing & advertising efficiency. We are experts at web analytics, marketing analytics, and online to offline sales attribution - giving you insights into what strategies work best for your business.

Choose Your Plan

Choose your plan

Whether you’re looking for a one-time ad campaign, or ongoing, premium monthly management, the Kenol Marketing team can help get your ads live and poppin’!

Tier 2 Premium Monthly Management

Starts at $2000
  • For advertising budgets under $5K per month (minimum $1K budget)
  • Custom Digital Strategy
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Sales Funnel Review
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Hands-On Management & Optimization
  • Ad Images
  • High-Converting Ad Copy
  • Monthly Performance Review & Strategy Calls
  • Ongoing Strategy & Support From Experts

Tier 1 Premium Monthly Management

Starts at $2500
  • For advertising budgets over $5K per month
  • Custom Digital Strategy
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Sales Funnel Review
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Hands-On Management & Optimization
  • Ad Images
  • High-Converting Ad Copy
  • Monthly Performance Review & Strategy Calls
  • Ongoing Strategy & Support From Experts

Alright, ready to stop playin’ & take your sales to the next level?

We have limited spots, so hurry & click below to get started!


We like to be upfront about everything. 

We charge a flat monthly fee to make it super simple for you. We give you a recommended advertising budget and sales projections based on budget, and then we deliver on that.

No contracts. Monthly management services require a 3-month minimum commitment, but month-to-month after that. Our one-time campaign is a one-time investment. 

It typically takes between 2 weeks to 90 days to get consistent leads and sales from ads. Multiple factors can affect performance such as your industry, ad performance, ad budget, location, ad history, target audience, sales cycle, and market conditions. We will work with you to set targets and our team of expert will work diligently to optimize your campaigns and provide the best results. 

We give you a detailed monthly report to show you how all of your campaigns are performing. If you opt for a one-time campaign, we will give you a campaign-to-date performance report before you or your team takes over. 

You can email us at Monday – Friday. 

Yes. Here’s a list below: 

  • Google Ads Monthly Management starts at +$400/month
  • LinkedIn Ads Monthly Management starts at +$400/month
  • Sales Pages starts at +$600
  • Landing Page Copy starts at +$500
  • Email Sequences starts at  +$600

We don’t guarantee any sales. That being said, marketing always works in the long-run. It’s a matter of deploying long-term strategies, rather than get rich quick-schemes. We set you up to grow and scale, but sometimes it takes time to dial in the ads and get it right. We cannot guarantee sales or returns out of the gate, but we are always optimizing and testing to make sure your results are the best they can be. 

Yes, we offer Google ads as an add-on service starting at $400/month. 

That 100% depends on you! The quicker you can provide us  with the assets and approvals we need, the quicker we can get your ads live. On average it takes about 4 weeks from onboarding to your ads being live. Your strategy call is scheduled as soon as you complete your intake form (which you receive as soon as you sign your client agreement and take care of your deposit). Then, we work together to design your ad creative, ad copy, and other assets needed for the campaign launch. 

No, our team will create your ad images. The amount varies depending on your Tier. However, you are still responsible for providing pictures, headshots, and videos (we will provide the script) for the ads. 

Our team works handles all of the ad copy. You will be responsible for reviewing and providing feedback. We offer up to one revision on ad copy. 

*Not Included: email sequences or landing pages

*Set-up fee waived with 3-month commitment

*Client is responsible for recording videos and providing lifestyle or product photos for ad creative 

*Prices subject to change

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