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Facebook Ads for Tech Startups: Expectation Versus Reality

When it comes to lead generation Facebook Ads are one of the most effective ways to position your tech startup in front of the right eyes. 

Whether you’re a Saas company or another type of tech company you can use the strategies that I’ve used to make my clients hundreds or thousands, even millions of dollars.  

Now, I don’t want you to be out in these internet streets thinking you can slap together an ad campaign and generate hundreds of thousands in sales right off the bat. 

Facebook ads for tech startups take time, strategy, testing, and repeating. As long as you have a digital advertising expert on your team you won’t have any issues with getting a large ROI for your ad campaigns. 

Let’s look at the expectations you can have for your ad campaigns versus the reality of what running a Facebook campaign is actually like. 

Transform Your Revenue Like Crazy: Facebook Ads for Tech Startups

Digital advertising yields incredible returns for start-up companies across the globe. 

From increasing your email subscribers, getting more website traffic to a blog, increasing your free trials, demos, or selling your services/products -you can make any goal and execute it with a properly designed ad campaign.

Take a look at this statistic on Facebook Advertising: 

The number of ad impressions increased by 33%

“At the same time prices are dropping, impressions are rising. More good news for advertisers looking to reach a new audience on this social network.”

 (Thanks Hootsuite)

The above statistic should excite you because despite everything going on in the world, Facebook ad impressions have gone up, and it’s actually cheaper to run an ad campaign than ever before. 

You can thank quarantine life for the increase in ad impressions. An increase like this simply means your ad will reach more of your target audience at a lower price, or the same rate as before. 

Another reason Facebook campaigns are so effective is that they’ve mastered spying on people. 

Facebook knows what everyone likes and dislikes so start-ups like you can use micro-targeting to zoom into what their ideal clients want and need. 

As long as you have a strong handle on who your customer is, where they are in the buyer’s journey and why your products are incomparable then you’ll have more leads and more revenue just like you wanted. 

Here’s What Facebook Ads Are NOT 

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Get Rich Quick? 

As you begin to explore the world of Facebook Ads, understand that these are not a get rich quick type of deal. 

Of course, an ads expert will have everything secured and ready to get your ROI but avoid coming out of the gate assuming you will get this huge ROI with your very first ad campaign. 

Facebook ads are easy, right? I just need to plug some words in and watch my revenue increase. 

Please avoid making this assumption as well. Ad campaigns work best when there’s a strategy behind them.

Your website landing page, client acquisition, and branding have to be on point if you’re running ads. You have to have your tech-startup in place with the proper marketing avenues before running ads or else you’ll end up wasting a ton of money. 

From target market research, copywriting, (words used to persuade the audience to buy from you) graphics, and targeting the right interests inside of the ad manager you have a complex job on your hands. 

That’s why it’s always suggested that you utilize an expert instead of trying your own hand here and hoping for the best. 

The #1 Thing You Need to Get a Massive ROI with Facebook Ads for Tech Startups

You hear so much talk online about how awesome Facebook Ads are and you know your start-up is a bit behind on the times when it comes to advertising but, what is it that successful ad campaigns have? 

Every successful Facebook Ad campaign includes a clearly defined audience and end goal

Running your campaign without first implementing a strategy is the wrong way to go. You have to have some type of funnel in place while speaking directly to the needs of your customers. 

For example, you don’t want to run a Facebook ad with the intent of making sales, getting new email subscribers and increasing website traffic all in one. 

Even if you just want your target audience to book a consultation with you, make the ad copy, and strategy behind the ad clear and precise for that goal.

 If you don’t you’ll end up losing money in ad spend only to realize you should have optimized your ads for success. 

Instead, dive into your campaign by mapping out each goal you’d like to achieve and run a Facebook Ad campaign for each specific goal. 

Also, you should know that the idea your ad campaigns are an expense is completely wrong, think of Facebook Ads as an investment in your business. 

Ads Are Not One Size Fits All: Different Types of Facebook Ads

Most founders assume that Facebook Advertising is a one size fits all kind of deal without realizing that there are various different ad types and reasons that you would want to run an ad in the first place.

Facebook Ads for Tech Startups: Looking into each ad type

  • Link Click Ads are designed for increasing your website traffic with a blog, or lead magnet
  • Carousel Ads are campaigns that display multiple pictures side by side of a product or service
  • Video Advertising is exactly what it sounds like. Short video clips that are basically acting as your own commercial 
  • Lead Ads have the goal of obtaining more leads for your start-up so that you can add these contacts to your CRM or email list using a lead-magnet. 
  • Page Like Ads are used for increasing your Facebook page’s visibility 
  • Messenger Ads pop up in Facebook messenger and allow your business to create a personal connection with your audience 

As you can see there are literally numerous different ad types you can use and we haven’t even breached the surface on what business/marketing goal(s) you can align with your campaigns.

This is exactly why it’s so important to plan out your strategy and execute it effectively. Even though all of this may seem confusing to you right now, rest assured these options and strategies are what make Facebook Ads for startups so effective. 

Marketing Techniques that Ensure You Get a Positive ROI

As you begin to create a Facebook ad for your tech startup it’s important that you have the right marketing techniques to help your ad from start to finish. 

In marketing, there’s this phrase known as “Know, Like, and Trust.”

Know, like, and trust are essentially the 3 aspects needed before a customer buys from your business. 

Knowing the buyer’s journey is another part of running successful Facebook ads. You’re going to have to understand whether your business is in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage. 

Let me break these areas down for you real quick:

Awareness (Know)

The lead knows nothing about your business, their problem, or the fact that you provide the solution. Ads ran to an audience in this stage of buying, need to educate the customer on who they are and how they can help them achieve their goals. 

Consideration Stage (Like)

This is the perfect time to establish the “Like” factor. Encourage comments and open conversation with your audience. Ads ran in this stage can be used to increase engagement and promote a relationship between you and your consumer.

Conversion Stage (Trust)

Now that your lead knows about your business they’re thinking through whether or not they’ll purchase from you. They’re considering whether or not they like your business, whether or not they trust you, and what the risk associated with doing business with you is. 

When you run an ad in this stage, depending on your business goals, it’s best to come through with an ultra-valuable lead magnet or persuade your audience to book a demo call with you with no risk associated. 

As long as you have a clear purpose and goal behind every marketing campaign that you’re running you’ll be good to go in terms of converting your Facebook ad spend into massive ROI. In addition, here are additional eCommerce solutions for small businesses. 

Quick Recap on Facebook Ads for Startups

Facebook Ads can transform your entire startup when used properly, with clear expectations, strategies and business goals that align with your ad campaigns. 

Although there are numerous Facebook ad types such as Link Click, Page Like and Carousel ads, each type of ad yields a unique return which will be based on your current marketing and business goals. 

If anyone out there thinks Facebook ads are a one size fits all deal you need to reassess your understanding of ads. Instead, Facebook ads are tailored to fit your individual business goals and marketing needs. 

You’ll also be able to relate to your customer exactly where they are in the Buyer’s Journey. 

After you assess these goals it’s time to understand your customer and what they’re thinking. 

Understanding both know, like, & trust and awareness, consideration and decision dictate how you will run the ad, who you will target, and what type of ad content you’ll put out there. 

This may seem overwhelming but I have openings in my schedule to consult with you on creating conversion-based Facebook ads for your startup. 

To learn more about how we can work together to create a positive ROI for your business click here.